Anyone like me

What is the lesson in all this?..Life is tough..So get on with it

Chandrachur Singh

He was ejected from several films and would find out that he was fired from the film magazines!! He refused to give up and finally, Jaya Bacchan gave him a break in "Tere mere Sapne".


He was a bus conductor in Bangalore till he entered films. Many of his old passengers remember him as a skinny young man!!

Clint Eastwood

He worked at a gas/petrol station to finance his college studies.

Amitabh Bachchan

He was rejected because of his height and voice several times. He had 9 flop films before he succeeded.

Tom Cruise

He abandoned school and struggled through auditions and and night classes and lived off hot dogs (burgers) and rice.. He was rejected many times for films because he was not handsome for television and was too intense!!

Greta Garbo

After her father's death, Greta Garbo worked as an assistant in a barber's shop--her job was to tie the apron around the customer's neck, sharpen the knife/blade, lather the face and warmed the towels for the customer.

Charlie Chaplin

He grew up in an impoverished and lonely slum in London. By the time he was nine years old, he was on his own. When not sleeping in the market place or a local park, he worked at several jobs. Years later in one of his films "The Great Dictator", he played the role of a barber which was one of his real life jobs !!

Raquel Welch

After her divorce, Raquel Welch, in 1963,worked as a waitress to support her two children and earn enough money for her nose job !

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